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Any customer or other user (together defined as "User") of the website, published by Thanks For Everything Enterprises LLC ("TFE"), by using the website, agrees to abide by the Terms of Use contained herein. The initials "TFE" and the words "The Company" shall apply both to Thanks For Everything Enterprises LLC, and also to the website

User agrees to have read, understood, and agreed to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Security Policy before proceeding to use the website. User agrees to abide by all policies and accept all risks stated therein. The Terms of Use explain what User can expect from using the site and identify User's rights.

TFE sells personalized thank-you notes and note-writing services though its website. At any time, at the request of User, TFE will close User's account. TFE does not sell or share any personal information. For more information on TFE and privacy, see TFE's Privacy Policy. User can add contacts, such as friends and family, to TFE's contact-management system. Aforementioned contacts will be used appropriately for pre-addressing thank-you notes. User's contacts will not be contacted by TFE, nor will their information be sold or shared.

TFE emails User upon the shipment of a User's order. TFE fulfills orders internally, and utilizes the U.S. Postal Service for its shipments. If a thank-you note is defective, User accepts that User's sole remedy is to return the thank-you note to TFE with a short description of User's dissatisfaction for account credit. If a note contains imperfections that are consistent with letter writing, such imperfections will not be considered defects. If the number of complaints from a single User seems excessive, TFE reserves the right to terminate a User's account and charge such User for all thank-you notes sent.

User agrees to receive electronic communication from TFE. TFE will make every effort to respect User's account preferences with regards to communication. See TFE's Privacy Policy for more information on electronic communication.

User accepts that electronic communication is sufficient for legal communication requirements when such communication must be in writing. 

User agrees not to use the TFE website commercially, or use the website for any reason other than to order thank-you notes, organize User's own account, read TFE content, learn about TFE's services, and/or purchase products and services. User agrees not to post, email, or transmit any harmful programs to TFE or any computer associated with TFE, nor commit any act which may disrupt TFE service or invade another user's privacy. User agrees to respect TFE and its thank-you note designers' intellectual property and not to reproduce, copy, display, or create derivative works from any item purchased or sent from TFE, or any content from the TFE website, without the express written consent of TFE. User acknowledges that the TFE website and service contains content and/or parts protected by copyright and patent. User agrees not to copy or mimic the content or services of TFE without TFE's express written consent. User agrees to use the website in accordance with all applicable laws and not to impersonate others.

The TFE website is designed for the use of adults and/or children under the supervision of adults. TFE reserves the right to terminate User's account at any time for any or no reason.

User agrees that, as TFE is a New York LLC, jurisdiction for all disputes regarding TFE shall be resolved within the New York State legal system. User agrees to assert claims exclusively on an individual (non-class) basis. TFE does not guarantee uninterrupted service and access to the TFE website. Under all circumstances, TFE shall not be liable for damages relating to programs such as viruses transmitted to User from TFE, including through the website and incidentally through electronic communication; or products received from TFE. User also agrees that any damages claimed as a result of TFE's products and services shall not exceed the retail price paid by User.

TFE reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time, and User should check back for updates from time to time. If such changes materially change User's terms of use, TFE, will make reasonable effort to contact User. User, by using the website, accepts the terms outlined in this policy. Please contact customer service with any questions or concerns regarding this policy at

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